What ages do we cater for? 

We cater for children from six weeks to school age. Our centres have various rooms: Nursery, Toddler, Pre-Kindy and Kindergarten/Pre-School.  

When should I start looking for childcare?

Ideally, you want to start looking as early as possible. At times we have waiting lists for our centres, so it’s best to express your interest early, even if you’re not yet sure when you want to commence care.

Do we provide a kindergarten/prep year?

Yes we do. We offer specific programs to help prepare your child for school. Even if you haven’t been using childcare in the younger years, you’re welcome to enrol in our kindergarten. Our kindergarten programs are delivered by a teacher holding a Bachelor of Early Childhood and provide educational programs that will provide your child an educational head start.

What is the National Framework for Early Learning?

Our early learning programs are based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). This framework has been put in place by the Australian Government, as part of their drive to maintain consistent quality standards in early childhood education at a national level. The EYLF is a play-based curriculum, which encourages children to achieve learning goals and milestones through play. The framework also focuses on development of emotional, social and communication (language, numeracy & literacy) skills. 

EYLF has three core principles:

  • Belonging – To my family, friends and the community 
  • Being – Learning through play 
  • Becoming – A valued member of society; all that I can be   

What elements does our centres curriculum include?

We embraces the EYLF as the basis of our curriculum. As an extension of this, we like to add our own unique approach based on our knowledge and best practices of early years education. Our curriculum includes music and movement, numeracy, literacy, arts and crafts, outside fun and activities and playtime. See our curriculum while touring the centre. 

What is the minimum booking?   

We do not have a minimum booking – your can book one day to full time – we aim to meet your needs. However, we do recommended that your child attend at least two days a week to obtain full benefit of the educational program.

What to pack for your children?

When you start we’ll provide you with a parent orientation booklet detailing exactly what you need to bring, based on your local centre’s specific requirements and your child’s age.  However a rough guide is:

  • Sunsafe hat which covers face, neck and ears 
  • Change of clothes 
  • Bib or two 
  • Comfort item (if required) 
  • Dummy in a sealed, named container (if required) 
  • Bottles 
  • Expressed milk (if required) 
  • Water bottle with a lid/ sippy cup   

All centres provide freashly prepared meals. Please refer to our centre menu for daily meal served.

We provide child safe sunscreen, but if your little one has sensitive skin please bring along your own preferred brand. 

Please dress your little one in comfortable clothes – ones that you can live with coming home with paint splatters! We do our best to keep everyone clean and we provide smocks for painting.  After a full day’s play and activity, a few grass, crayon and food marks may come home too. Please label all items with the child's name.

What if my child is sick? 

We request that you keep your child home if they are sick. This helps reduce the risk to other children and staff. If your child becomes sick during their day at the centre, we will ring the parent’s contact numbers on the enrolment form. Please ensure that all contact numbers are correct to avoid any delay. 

What happens on public holidays or when my child is away due to illness? 

Normal fees will apply when your booked day falls on a public holiday or absence due to holidays or illness.

Do you offer holiday discounts?

A holiday discount is applied to your fees providing you give the centre two weeks written notice and your fees are up to date. 

What happens when my child’s teacher is away? 

We have a number of staff who work part-time – we ask these staff members to take on additional days/hours wherever possible. This provides continuity for the children as the staff are familiar to them. In some instances, it is necessary for us to use staff from a relief agency. These relief staff have the relevant qualifications and certificates. 

What do I need to do on the first day? 

Each centres Parent Handbook will have a list of what to bring on the first day. On arrival, an Educator will take you and your child to their class, where your child’s bag will be placed in their locker. Educators will show you where the sign-in sheet is located. Parents/guardians are required to sign their child in upon arrival and sign out at the end of the day. You are welcome to stay as long as you wish. Please ring through the day to see how your child is settling in.

How do I assist my child to settle?

We would like to offer you and your child time to visit us prior to commencing orientation. The orientiation sessions allow you and your child to become familiar with the environment before commencing.

What about fees?

We ask that you contact Family Assistance Office to arrange your CCMS Benefit. On your first week, your account will show the current week plus fees in advance per the centre policy. Following payment of this account, your weekly account will be placed in your child’s information pocket or emailed to you.

What about CCMS Benefit?

The Family Assistance Office is responsible for decisions about the amount of care for which CCMS can be paid.  Call the Family assistance Office on 13 61 50 to discuss your circumstances and entitlements or click on the following link to be taken to their website.  

Can you please explain the subsidies to me?  

There are two basic subsidies you may be eligible for. The Child Care Benefit (CCB) and the Child Care Rebate. We have written an FAQ on each of these subsidies. Please see below.

What is the Child Care Benefit?

Australian parents may be eligible for the Chid Care Benefit (CCB). The CCB is a payment kindly provided by the Australian Government, which covers between 24 and 50 hours of childcare per week. Eligible parents (or guardians) must:

  • Meet Australian residency requirements 
  • Be enrolled/ enrolling in an approved childcare centre (all of our centres are approved) 
  • Meet child immunisation conditions 

The amount of CCB you receive will vary depending on your income, type of care, amount of care, number of children in care and whether you pass the work, training and study test. This last test is about whether you (or your partner) use childcare due to a work or study commitment. If you do, you could be eligible for higher CCB payments. 

What is the Child Care Rebate?

Previously known as the Child Care Tax Rebate, this scheme is separate from the Child Care Benefit (CCB). It’s further assistance designed to help working families with the cost of childcare. The rebate will cover 50% of out-of-pocket expenses not covered by the CCB. In other words, it will help with the gap between your total weekly fees and the amount CCB covers. The rebate is paid as a lump sum, quarterly, or weekly into your bank account or you can nominate to pay it directly to the centre to reduce your weekly out of pocket costs.




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